Weekly Report Sept 29 2013

Last week was the Toronto Maker Faire. The entire faire can be divided into 4 major categories: 3D Printers, RGB LED strips, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. Don’t take that generalization negatively, the entire faire was great. Most of the projects would beat our university symposium projects.

Seeing all the 3D printers in action and seeing their capabilities first hand really makes me want to get one. I’m just waiting a bit for the next generation of technology to become available (key patents will expire, enabling better printers).

I’m coding some FFT stuff. The nRF chip I’m using is an ARM Cortex M0, but running at 16 MHz, so I had to use some code that’s designed for a 16 bit MCU instead of something more powerful. It works like a charm though.

Gotta work on a few more examples for Trinket, making it do USB stuff like mouse and keyboard. A lot of exciting stuff for Adafruit coming.

I got to use my Hantek DDS-3X25, it is certainly useful at a reasonable price. I haven’t ran into the known sync issue yet so I haven’t used the firmware hack/fix for it yet.

Did some work regarding my clone of the Xim, the USB host library for STM32 is built in a really weird state machine, so I spent a few hours writing blocking variations of non-blocking functions. I got my TUSB hub chip enumerated. Good progress. Still a month away from PS4 launch, no rush.

Some old clients are catching up to me and I’m going to be very busy.

Red Dead Redemption is a very long game. Maybe I’m doing too many of the randomly generated “event missions”, and I don’t use fast travel because I want to do those events.

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