theWAVE from iDOC360

Please watch the full video (8 minutes), which explains the project in full.

I designed, built, and programmed almost every bit and piece of this project. I did not design light tube and lens assembly. This project involved a broad range of my skills: electronics, wireless communication, mechanical 3D CAD, thermal design, design for manufacturing, etc. I did this project while still studying in university.

Dentists often use head-mounted lamps, but to operate these lamps, they need to remove their gloves first because their gloves is usually covered with saliva and blood. iDOC360 hired me to make a system that is controlled using hand gestures, so the dentists do not need to remove their gloves to operate it.

The system has two parts: a high powered LED driver (referred to as the host unit, or main unit), and a remote. The main unit contains a large battery (lasts 8 hours under full brightness settings) and drives high powered LEDs using a SEPIC topology constant current LED driver circuit. The remote has a IR sensor that detect hand gestures and send the commands to the main unit using 2.4GHz radio transmissions.

The hand gestures can:

  • turn on and off the LED by a waving gesture
  • change the colour of the LED by a tapping gesture
  • adjust the brightness of the LED, enter adjustment mode by holding still, then move your hand to adjust brightness, hold still to exit adjustment mode

Other features:

  • a remote is paired to a main unit by using a pairing mode, multiple remotes can be paired to a single main unit, multiple main units can operate without interference
  • brightest on the market, longest battery life on the market
  • recharges fast, the remote can be charged by magnetically docking to the main unit, or using a micro USB cable
  • remote can be magnetically attached to other surfaces, or clipped to clothing, the main unit has a belt clip

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