Improved “Third Hand” Using Coolant Hose


I don’t really like my “third-hand” tool so I decided to build a better one using flexible ball-jointed coolant spraying pipe hoses. It’s not a totally new idea, SparkFun even sells some of these parts as a kit. But my way is slightly better, and I got the hoses from eBay (look for “Flexible Water Oil Coolant Pipe Hose for Lathe CNC”) instead because SparkFun’s prices were excessively expensive.







4 thoughts on “Improved “Third Hand” Using Coolant Hose

  1. Robert

    Brilliant idea to make your own joints! Been looking for this idea for a while!
    I have a suggestion for making the joints easier to use. As is, they usually are either tight or completely loose. I propose putting in a split washer to give yourself a better range of tightness when adjusting. If tightened almost all the way, but not quite, you can just move them and they will stay without the need to re-tighten.

  2. Robert

    I don’t have what I need to make my own threads.. So, instead, I found that if you remove the orange screw-in part of the hose completely and toss it, you can then remove the lowest blue segment and screw it directly into your base. Choose a screw (or bolt) with a head that is a bit larger that the hole in the bulb end of the segment. Not too big, otherwise when you snap the rest of the hose back onto this bulb, it won’t fit well. I can’t believe how simple this solution is! I’d seen so many of these tutorials and everyone was always having to come up with solutions for those damn threads — Never again!


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