Car 3D Printed Rear View Camera Mount

cam angled view

3D printed a mount for my Garmin BC 30 wireless camera to go along with my Garmin NuviCam LMTHD GPS navigator. My car is a 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe.

car rear
3d screenshot

The bracket that came with the camera required me to install it on my license plate. I didn’t like that idea because I explicitly went out to buy my funny license plate cover.

The mount is designed to be seated where a light used to be. This eliminates the need to drill new holes on the exterior. The camera is wireless but needs to be connected to the white reverse light as a power source, this is also how the screen automatically switches to rear-view mode.

Pictures below are annotated:

just printeddrill holerunning wiresservo pigtail

You want the CAD files? Click here! As usual, I provide the original source file, so you can edit dimensions. Also, IGES and STEP formats are provided in case your CAD software can’t open my source file. No STL is provided, that’s your job. The mount is 3D printed in ABS due to consideration regarding temperature. It is printed at 0.2mm layer height for strength.

Future improvements:

Some more cover. Sink it inside the rear gate (I didn’t know I had to angle it so far down). Anti-theft measures.

5 thoughts on “Car 3D Printed Rear View Camera Mount

  1. Don

    My NuviCamLMTHD is paired with a BC30 and operates as designed except when the dash cam is operational and reverse gear is selected. In this case the BC30 is a blank screen and when shifted back to a forward gear, the dash cam is also a blank screen requiring you shut down the NuviCam and restart. The BC30 functions properly with any other NuviCam screen view.
    Garmin Auto Team folks have suggested a NuviCam replacement or a new
    BC30 receiver cable. Seems to be rather harsh. Have you had any experiences with this situation?

    1. Frank Zhao

      I have owned my unit for over a year now. So far I have 4 occurrences of the rear camera not being received at all, which is fixed by simply unplugging, then replugging the receiver cable. 4 per year isn’t bad.

      I think you should definitely replace that cable if it actually occurs frequently. The receiver cable is easy to replace. It sounds like the transmitter is fine.

  2. Dave Marshall

    Hi Frank, I also don’t like the oem bracket but I don’t have the equipment to make one,
    Do you make the bracket for sale, I think it’s a great bracket, I’m a fitter by trade, retired,
    Would you make me one and sell, I have never found a aftermarket bracket
    to buy, I think theres a market to tap into, from what I came see there many people with broken brackets. I am genuine.
    If interested I’m Dave,
    I’m in Australia, send me a price with postage to Australia

    1. Admin Post author

      I’m sure you can find a local 3D printer instead, try

      Also, this shape is only for my Hyundai, it’s shape is taken from the light that I removed. So it will most likely not fit any other car.


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