Bioscience Business Card

I am a big fan of creative business cards that actually represent who you are and what you do. In 2012, I was a coop student working for a biotech company in Ottawa, Spartan Bioscience. I wanted a card that is relevant to biology, and that got me thinking about microscopes.

Side note: this card is mentioned on The Wall Street Journal (click for the article & video), but she only mentions it briefly, she interviewed me about my other USB business card and I told her a bit about this card as well. This took place literally on the day I finished making this card.


It is supposed to look like a microscope slide with a drop of blood. It says “use a microscope to see my DNA” on it.
Under a microscope…



HAHA I’m so funny… It’s not real blood.

The original card was created on the computer, and printed out. It is then cut to size, with the blank area also removed. The double helix image (plus my name) is created on the computer, using black background and white foreground. This will become the microscopic image. A film camera (I had to purchase a disposable camera) is used to take a picture of the black and white image. The film is taken to a photo lab to be developed, and the negatives is obtained after this step. The negative will have inverted colours, which is why the original image is white on black. Film negatives also have a reddish colour, making it look like “blood”. Cut out the bit of the negative film. Laminate the card with the bit of film that you just cut out placed in the middle of the clear area.


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