AVR Timer Calculator

This is a simple javascript calculator I wrote to help me make timing calculations while working with the timers on AVR microcontrollers. The same calculations applies for all microcontrollers but the prescaler options only contain the ones possible on an AVR microcontroller (the configuration number is indicated in the brackets).

Javascript must be enabled on this page for the calculator to work. Choose what value you want to use as input by pressing the button beside the textbox(es) you want to use as the input. The output will be reflected in the other textboxes.

Source code can be viewed through your browser.

System Clock Frequency (Hz):   Calculate Using …
Timer Resolution:
Total Timer Ticks:
Overflow Count:
Remainder Timer Ticks:
Real Time (sec):
New Freq (Hz):
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30 thoughts on “AVR Timer Calculator

  1. Michael

    Thanks a lot for this helpfull calculator… If you are planning a german Version, I can translate for you… 😉


  2. kalpesh


    where i can get c code of the same ? i am unable to find the source code for the same ? i want to make free running timer using AVR.


  3. Ajay


    Many Thanks for this tool. This makes AVR Timer calculations *so* darn easy. I can play with the prescaler, and it shows the fractions in the calculations, which I like. 10/10


  4. Daniel

    It would be great if there were more options on prescaler and timer resolution, as some AVR devices have prescaler 4 and 12bit registers and such. Great tool thx 🙂

  5. Manuel

    You have a bug in your page, every time I am trying to calculate the frecuency or time, js shows me an errod saying the function is not defined.

    1. Admin Post author

      A WordPress update or plug-in update broke the page, I just fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Darekd

    Hi, i ve tried Your calculator on win7 firefox 36.0 and it didnt work for me at all.
    also in ie 11 do not work

  7. Dustin Sallings

    Feature request: Display time in milliseconds and/or microseconds.

    I’m needing (and getting) pretty tiny numbers. 🙂

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