My name is Frank and this is my new website. I wanted a new website name as a company name to make personal accounting easier. You can find my old website at www.frank-zhao.com

Economical Expeditious Excellent Electrical Engineering Exceeding Expectations

I am an electrical engineer and DIY hobbyist. I graduated from U of Waterloo in 2013 and I currently work as an engineer for Adafruit Industries.

On this website, you’ll find articles about my projects, some with tutorials and fully open source. I also create many tools that may be helpful to you. Plus some useful reviews, reverse engineering data dumps, engineering notes, etc.

I provide paid engineering services. So please email me directly if you want me to help you design something. Together, we can bring your idea into reality and turn it into a real product. I am also fully open to offers of full time employment in the electrical engineering field, please contact me if you are interested in discussing any potential employment opportunities.

If you just have a simple question about something, publically leave a comment on the page where it’s appropriate, or privately send me an email. I only ask for money if it involves writing code or drawing something.

I am currently located in the Greater Toronto Area. If you’d like to invite me somewhere, send me an email. I’d like to attend hackerspaces, presentations, training sessions, etc.

Mission Statement

Bridging the gap between what is possible for one man and what is possible for mankind.

What I mean is: Humans can land on the Moon already, but the average person at home can’t even build their own MP3 player (which sells millions each year). I want to improve the world by somehow allowing other people become more capable than what they already are. The Internet has massively improved people’s ability to access to information already, and open source initiatives help even more. Plus newer technologies like at-home 3D printing are emerging at a rapid pace.

Eleccelerator will:

  • Use and support technologies that help the DIY community
  • Support the free spread of knowledge and information
  • Provide document on fun DIY projects in hopes that they’ll help people
  • Provide educational and useful information in general regarding DIY
  • Offer professional services to other people who need help making things