Weekly Report September 8 2013

Stupid Rigol o’scope has the USB port upside down… It also doesn’t support my 16 GB thumbdrive which is another disappointment. I wish it had Eye-Fi like my camera.

I got native code baked into Netduino Plus 2’s firmware, so now I can run real time tasks without any interruptions or preemptions. The first goal is to get NeoPixels working on the Netduino platform. There will be a long tutorial after it’s all done.

Since a lot of the Netduino-NeoPixel stuff involves timing measurements, I realized that the interpreter on the Netduino is pretty slow compared to native code.

I’ve gotten a completely custom PCB for the nRF51 working. I ran into some trouble, it appeared as if my code froze (it wouldn’t respond to button presses, and later I discovered that it wouldn’t go past a certain function using a J-Link debugger), luckily I noticed a forum discussion about a similar problem, and it turns out that I had to change one crystal related setting during BLE stack initialization. See https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/index.php/custom-pcb-how-to-quick-check-if-ble-is-working-nrf51822ab and https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/index.php/what-could-make-ble-sample-applications-not-work,-but-radio-works-ok and https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/index.php/what-low-frequency-clock-sources-can-i-use

From what I’ve learned so far, BLE one key difference from Bluetooth Classic is that “services” are application layer, so you can make custom services. This is different from Bluetooth Classic’s preset “profiles”. Read https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/index.php/is-there-a-serial-port-profile-for-ble and https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/index.php/nrf-uart-app

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