Weekly Report Oct 26 2013

Still using a Mac Mini for iOS stuff, and still hating it. I don’t like their troubleshooting ideology. I tried to add Synergy to pre-login startup tasks but I got an error upon logging in saying that the task can’t start because of a security concern. When I tried to find a solution to this error, I was told to simply delete it, not helpful at all.

Synergy is pretty awesome, except for a few bugs.

Learning Objective C syntax from a C/C++/C#/Java background is NOT easy… I’ve done Windows Phone (I won a Xbox 360 in a MS sponsored hackathon, it was my first and only WP7 app) and Android development before, but iOS is still taking time to get used to.

Got my hands on a DualShock 4 controller early, I tore it down and I’m keeping notes on it.

The USB mouse/keyboard-to-PS4 adapter project is going great. I added so many features to the USB stack code, including dynamic host-channel allocation, so more devices can be supported. I got the emulated DualShock 3 enumerated perfectly thanks to Matlo from gimx.fr. I also sent out a revision of the PCB to be made, this revision has no built-in hub, which means it’s cheaper and more flexible, just a bit less convenient.

I finished “Beyond: Two Souls” in three sittings, it’s that good. It’s really hard to say if it is better or worse than Heavy Rain. I’ll be waiting for the DLCs for it. Quantic Dream has made it onto my “buy at release” and “never resell” game companies list.

I moved a few more pages from my old website to this new website. WordPress updated and I had to fix a few things.

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