Weekly Report Oct 13 2013

New smartphone, I gave it a short review in this blog, also an even shorter review for the old phone. I spent a lot of time doing carrier unlocking, rooting, installing CWM recovery, and personalizing it.

I got a BLE custom service to be recognized on my PC, iPad Mini, and new Android 4.3 phone. A good milestone to reach. I had a bad experience with Apple along the way…

I got my USB host code to successfully enumerate a device that is behind a hub. This is another good milestone to reach. Now I can work on the USB slave code for a bit.

I managed to patch avrdude to fix some problems that Trinket was having in the field. Slowing things down helps a lot.

I finished playing Red Dead Redemption. A very good game, but it can be a time sink depending on your play style. The Undead Nightmare DLC for it turns up the comedy to 11, highly recommended!

I also finished playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It only took two nights of playing. It is kind short in the sense that the first Portal game was too short. It’s a decent game if you like the style, but it’s not without flaws. It sort of highlights the flaws of the Dualshock 3 controller as well, there is heavy usage of the R2 and L2 triggers and your finger tends to slip off. The Dualshock 4’s design seems to have taken these flaws into account.

Next up is probably Beyond: Two Souls. GTA V is on my radar but at a lower priority.

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