Weekly Report Nov 10 2013

USBXLATER is going great! I’m using it to play through BF4’s single player, to work out bugs. I implemented anti-acceleration for the mouse, plus some filtering, and it feels amazingly like a PC game. I also gave a USBXLATER to Matlo from GIMX because he’s so helpful.

iOS and nRF51 are talking beautifully now. I feel like I can do whatever I want with BLE technology now.

I got a writable NFC tag keychain, I can use a phone app on my Galaxy Note 3 to write my contact info into the tag, and when you scan it, it asks you to import my contact information. Now I keep it with all my keys.

I went to a Freescale seminar. In summary (from the 3 sessions out of many I went to):

  • Kinetis chips do not have any bootloader today, but starting winter of 2013, they will start to add factory stock bootloaders.
  • They are making new ARM Cortex chips with built-in radio transceivers will be released this winter
  • They are going after the Qi wireless charging market, with some NFC involvement too.
  • I learned more about making PCBs that won’t fail due to bad EM characteristics.
  • I think Freescale is slightly behind on the market, I know NXP and ST both already have factory stock bootloaders. ST has their STM32W family already, and I’m already using nRF51 from Nordic.

Had to fight off a wave of spam to my website, because I forgot to turn on account confirmation on my wiki, oops.

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