Weekly Report August 18 2013

I’m going to document stuff I’ve learned every week, new stuff I’ve obtained, small progress I’ve made, etc.

How to design exposed conductive traces meant for silicone keypads: http://www.abatekgroup.com/designguide/04Electrical.html

I obtained a nRF51822-DK, a Bluetooth dev kit using Nordic’s nRF51822, which is a ARM Cortex M0 microcontroller with a built-in 2.4GHz radio transceiver. Once you own the kit, Nordic gives you access to the software you need, which is kind of annoying.

Successfully used my J-Link EDU with Eclipse and GDB, along with GCC ARM Embedded. I’ve done Eclipse + ARM before but this J-Link I got a few weeks ago. I got some code that can use SWO for debug/trace output and it works great with the J-Link as well.

Realized that the bootloaders between different STM32 chips have slight differences and it makes their own bootloading utility not work with certain sub-families. So I’ll be forced to write my own bootloader utility and hope that their documentation on the protocol is correct.

Got a new Netduino Plus 2, looks great, not as many pins as I’d like but the hardware features (especially Ethernet, that plastic RJ-45 jack is a great choice made by the designers) are worth it.

The STM32W stamp I made is finished (a breadboardable STM32W chip), no firmware or testing yet. PAN1326 breakout is done but no firmware yet. My “Xim clone” is made and firmware can do serial output so far. There are plenty of hardware I’ve built already without firmware…

Finished playing Uncharted 2. It’s better than Uncharted 1, the gameplay actually felt better than both Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, story was above average.

These weekly posts will only contain information that I want to/able to disclose.

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