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Booooo CSR

I inquired a company (not CSR, but their product uses chips from CSR) about some WiFi Direct modules, this was their reply:

Please note that we just stop any new WiFi CSR solution. Based on previous experience with CSR, we could not get driver source code from CSR and CSR couldn’t support themselves. So we give up CSR WiFi

If you didn’t know, CSR makes a lot of Bluetooth and WiFi chips, but they absolutely do not ever EVER give you access to any documentation or any software. Usually to get access, you have to pay them big $$$. In this case, even if you pay them, apparently “CSR couldn’t support themselves”, how embarrassing. This was from a friend who have used CSR before:

It took 3 months to get access to the BC4 firmware and that has been deprecated for years.

CSR is on my list of companies to avoid.