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Review: SeeedStudio Bluetooth Multimeter

I just received my SeeedStudio Bluetooth Multimeter.

I’m not going to talk about the measurement specifications and capabilities, because they are clearly stated, and you should decide for yourself if the specifications and capabilities meet your needs. This review will be more focused on the usability.

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Our Fourth Year Design Project: ARUCI

We turned my phone into a universal remote that uses augmented reality. We can track the location of objects and identify them in real time, so we can overlay an icon representing the object on the video shown on the touchscreen. Simply click on the object to interact with it. It’s all wireless, no base station required.

Actual video is 1080p, I recommend you view it full screen.

Presentation slides: without notes and with notes


Our group did circuit and PCB design, we did the soldering, we designed the phone casing, we designed all the IR and RF protocols, we wrote our own firmware and Android app.

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