Samsung Galaxy Infuse 4G Postmortem Review

I just retired my old phone, the Samsung Galaxy Infuse 4G I997. It has been a great companion for 2 years. I have a few words I’d like to remember it by.

Great hardware build. It’s a plastic phone but it feels almost metallic. It is very strong. I prefer the rectangular style much better than the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4’s rounded style.

“Hard” keys are definitely better than “soft” keys.

GPS signal was kind of bad. The antenna had to be in the right orientation to get decent performance.

Software did not progress past Android Gingerbread. I tried loading ICS on it but it was very laggy.

Odin is awesome. This phone was essentially unbrickable. Well… I had to build a recovery USB cable for it (a special cable, it required two specific resistors on some of the pins).

But since it wasn’t a flagship phone, it didn’t get great software. The ROMs available for it had problems with video decoding and Bluetooth performance.

All in all, I’d definitely like Samsung, but this phone did still have issues.

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