Robot Army

All of my combat robots are listed here. Currently all insect weight-class. If anybody want to work on something beyond insect class with me, let me know.

Shrapnelly – Antweight

My first combat robot. Mostly CNC’ed at home, an experiment in working with new materials like titanium and garolite. Drum style weapon. Completely custom electronics based on ATmega256RFR2.

Hells Bells – Antweight – Work in Progress

Designed as a replacement for Shrapnelly. Shrapnelly is almost impossible to repair, so Hells Bells is designed with a 3D printed nylon-CF body and totally off-the-shelf electronics.

Departer – Antweight – Work in Progress

My 2018 competitor, with a titanium horizontal blade from FingerTech Robotics. I felt like rebuilding a drum spinner twice is too boring so gotta change up the weapon choice every year.

Det Cord – Beetleweight – Work in Progress

Hopefully another 2018 competitor. My second beetleweight, the first one was a failure and this one will correct all the mistakes I’ve made. Body will be HDPE, the eggbeater weapon is from FingerTech Robotics.

Vacky McVacFace – Team Janitor

He’s a robot vacuum, no I did not build him. He picks up the rather more-dangerous-than-usual debris around my apartment workshop.

Robots from high school

Alpha, Echo, and Charlie. Built around 2007, for competition at the Canadian National Robot Games and University of Waterloo.