Review: ClearSounds QLINK Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter

The product: (product code CSQLINK), or link

I got one because I love my DIY BT headphones, but my recently obtained PS3 doesn’t support A2DP. So I decided to get some form of an adapter so I can play my PS3 without using speakers.

The physical form factor is generic for this type of device. When shopping, be careful because most receivers and non-A2DP-capable products also look identical.

I got it to pair with my headphones on the first try, which is a good start at making good impressions. The sound quality is average, the sampling seems decent compared to other solutions I’ve tried (such as rerouting the audio into my computer first). The lag is noticeable enough for me to not use it for video gaming. The indoor range would be good at 5 meters, 5 to 10 meters will get some periodic cutouts, 10 meter and beyond is useless.

I am unable to disassemble it.

The box came with a charger (it’s a 5V wall-AC-to-USB adapter), a USB charging cable with a barrel jack termination, and a RCA-to-headphone adapter. Everything you need.

Only recommended if you really need it, and need it at close range.

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