3D Printed Drill Bit Box and Ultimaker Filament Spool Holder

I have 3D printed many things recently. Here are two items that you will find interesting (they are interesting to me because I am experimenting with certain design techniques). One is a box to hold delicate drill bits. The other is a filament spool holder for my Ultimaker.


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Drill Bit Holder Box


This box is designed as two pieces that is basically a drawer. The inner drawer holds the drill bits, and it has holes from the bottom to help release the drill bits. The rounded corners help it slide into and out of the casing. The outer casing is designed 0.2mm wider than the drawer on all sides (so the difference is 0.4mm total) which helps the drawer slide easily but not wiggle. The end of the casing is left open so a finger can push the drawer out. On the side, there is a hooking clip that helps keep the drawer stay inside.

This box is printed using PLA. The wall thickness is 1.5mm (which I feel is the bare minimum before it becomes too weak). The design is oriented in such a way that it can be 3D printed using a FDM 3D printer without using any support material because the pieces can be printed without overhang.

The features and techniques here are an experiment for me. They work out really well (maybe increase the wall thickness to 2mm next time). I share this with you in hopes you find it helpful.

I have posted the STL and SolidWorks files are posted to Youmagine (click here)

Ultimaker Filament Spool Holder


The standard Ultimaker2 filament spool holder only holds filament spools that have a large 2 inch diameter hole. But a lot of 3d printer filament are sold with small spools with a small hole. I have designed a replacement filament spool holder specifically for the Ultimaker2 that can be 3D printed without support structure.

Previously, I have attempted to print this “Ultimaker 2 Filament Spool-holder small diameter” by bgill, but his design uses the same thicknesses as the original design, thus it was weak and once I printed one, it broke immediately as I tried to use it.

My design is much thicker, and it also uses a 6″ long 1/4″ diameter bolt. I am certain my design will not break. I have posted the design to Youmagine, including all the files you need.

UPDATE: a much better design using bearings

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