3D Printed Dust Skirt for Nomad 883 Pro

I got a new Nomad 883 Pro and it generates a lot of dust. This is going to be a big problem as I need to cut material that have hazardous fibers. I decided to make a dust skirt (aka vacuum skirt or vacuum shoe or vacuum head) so that a vacuum can suck up dust as the machine cuts. I 3D printed this thing, which is partly PLA plastic, and the skirt is 3D printed TPU (polyurethane) filament. The skirt is two layered and the cuts are made in a interleaved pattern so there’s a better seal. 3D printing makes this project really easy, just clean up the print, superglue, and tap the hole for the screw. The vacuum hose is 1.25 inch diameter and it just shoves right in with a perfect fit.


The CAD files can be downloaded here

4 thoughts on “3D Printed Dust Skirt for Nomad 883 Pro

    1. Admin Post author

      I’m trying to influence the world into using STL less. STEP and IGES are excellent for sharing as they do not lose any of the geometry and are often able to be translated back into the original design feature sequence.

      Please use GrabCAD or Onshape to convert the files if you need to.


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