Monthly Archives: January 2013

Tutorial about USB HID Report Descriptors

This page is from my old website, and it is sort of popular, so I’ve moved it here.

A USB HID report descriptor is one of the descriptors that a USB host can request from a USB device. HID devices send data to the host using reports, and the descriptor tells the host how to interpret the data. I will try to show you how to write one of these descriptors.
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MMC/SD Card and FAT Tutorial

On my old website, the article “MMC/SD Card and FAT Tutorial” was really popular (it still holds almost top ranking on Google). However, the information there is so old that most of it is obsolete. Elm-Chan’s FatFs library has been updated many times since then, rendering some of the old webpage I wrote obsolete. But I will put up some of the old content here so you may still see it.

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GG Button USB Modification

The GG button (link to original website) is a button that yells “GG” when you press it. Similar to the Staples Easy Button.
I modified it so that it has a USB port and it becomes a USB keyboard when you plug it into a computer. When you press the button, it types out a certain key sequence. The key sequence is such that it chats “GG WP” to an opponent in Starcraft II, and then surrenders the game (by pressing F10, then ‘n’).

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